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The Touch Speaker Boom Box - Cigars International - Cool Sh!t

1423 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Nov 21 2014, 14:57PM
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Introducing the Touch Speaker Boom Box, the best way to pump up the jams on your cell phone.

If you’re sick of music that’s just not loud enough – listen up!

This handy speaker is so easy to use. Simply turn the speaker on – select your favorite music on your smart phone or mp3 player – and press play.

Then place the device on top of your Speaker Boom Box.

Like magic – your sound will be instantly amplified.

No cords or pairing is necessary. The Touch Speaker Boom Box works with any device that has an external speaker.

This boom box has a built in rechargeable battery that holds 10 hours of play time when fully charged, so it’s great for outdoor entertaining or travel. Use the included USB cable for charging.

Turn up the volume with this Touch Speaker Boom Box. Pick one up at and don’t forget to check out our other Cool Sh!t, too!