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The Escalade Humidor - Cigars International

2426 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Mar 10 2015, 10:47AM
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Introducing the Escalade Humidor. A humidor so big, you can literally fit a human being inside it!

The “Cadillac” of all humidors, this monstrous chest can easily fit 5000 + cigars and keep them in prime condition.

Lined with premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar and dressed in a gorgeous Mahogany finish, this beast will certainly be a conversation starter for any room in your home.

The Escalade Humidor also comes with an attractive latch system, along with brass locking casters to ensure the safety of your choice hand-mades.

Most humidors that hold this many cigars would cost over $2000 plus a few hundred more for shipping and handling.

But not the Escalade Humidor! You can scoop up this beautiful behemoth today for the low CI price of just $299.99 + $50 shipping and handling. Just $349.99 delivered for a humidor that;s on par in quality and capacity to units that retail over $2000.

What’s the catch you say?

Well, in order to keep costs at the absolute bare minimum, the unit ships flat and requires some assembly.

Take a deep breath...if this guy can do it in 20 minutes, so can you!

Just use the included Allen wrench and Phillips head screw driver.

Go big or go home with the Escalade Humidor. Pick one up from today.