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Magne Tuck - Cigars International - Cool Sh!t

1916 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Nov 26 2014, 11:50AM
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Introducing MagneTuck, the world’s first foolproof way to keep your shirt tucked in!

Magne tuck is a powerful light weight magnet that attaches to your shirt, under the waistband of your pants and anchors your shirt and undershirt in place.

This rare earth magnet isn’t just strong - it’s super strong!

No matter what activities you have planned for the day, Magne tuck holds fast!

So stop looking like a disheveled mess and keep your shirt tucked in 100% of the time.

It’s totally discreet and undetectable under your regular clothing.

Get with the program and keep your shirt tucked in with Magne tuck. Get one of your own at and don’t forget to check out some of our other Cool Sh!t too!