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The Colibri S Cut Cutter Overview - Cigars International

976 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Apr 18 2016, 8:29AM
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Feel true precision in your hand with the Colbri S-Cut Cutter at:

The Colibri S-Cut Cutter: Where innovation meets precision.

The Colibri S-Cut features the same styling as the ever-popular V-Cut cutter, and may very well be the last cutter you’ll ever need. It’s ergonomic hourglass design feels great in the hand and will exact a razor sharp straight cut time and time again.

This guillotine cutter features a stationary bottom blade and a spring loaded top blade that slides on a track system. The ingenious built-in ball bearing system prevents the dual blades from separating, which is often the culprit behind ripped or pinched tobacco.

The “ez-cut” version within the Colibri S-Cut line, features a closed back body that prevents you from accidentally snipping too much of the cap. This precise incision limits the depth of your cut to just 2 millimeters, resulting in a consistently perfect and clean cut.

Get your hands on one of the most precise cigar tools on the market by picking up the Colibri S-Cut Cutter from Cigars International today.