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5 Vegas Relic 30 Second Review Cigars International

1705 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Jun 10 2013, 17:11PM
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Grab 5 Vegas Relic and give it a try

Relic has been three years in the making. 100% Dominican, Relic is graced by a savory Corojo wrapper that's extraordinarily dark, toothy, and teeming with hearty flavors. The filler recipe is a robust blend of Dominican-grown long-leaf ligeros combined with a single leaf of 12-year-old Dominican tobacco....creating a smooth, refined character that complements the bold, spicy bouquet perfectly. Medium in body, offering rich notes of earth, coffee, and oak with a peppery, toasty finish. Topping it off, just one captivating size was created: a beautiful 5.75"x54 Perfecto shape that brings the blend to a full-flavored crescendo in the final 1/3.

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