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5 Vegas High Primings 30 Second Review - Cigars International

1342 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Jul 30 2013, 9:47AM
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If your a fan of 5 Vegas Classic give High Primings a shot.

It's no secret: 5 Vegas Classic is one of our top-selling brands. It has been, for over a decade. Thanks to a timeless, medium-bodied profile and very traditional tobacco flavor, Classic has become legendary in its own right. But today's not 10 years ago. Palates are changing, evolving and demanding more robust, more complex cigars. As such, 5 Vegas High Primings was born -- the elevation of 5 Vegas.

5 Vegas High Primings was developed using the 90-rated 5 Vegas Classic blend as a base. In order to take the blend to the next level, and create a bolder, richer flavor, each tobacco leaf employed was chosen from the plant's highest priming. Due to the additional sunlight they receive and extra time on the plant before harvest, these 'high priming' leaves are thicker, darker, and provide additional flavor and ample strength. Just a few small tweaks were made to retain that signature smoothness and balance. Then, to complete the ensemble, a dark, reddish-hued Nicaraguan Habano wrapper was applied. The result is a densely flavorful, medium to full-bodied handmade bursting with bold yet refined nuances. Notes of earth, pepper, cocoa and a semi-sweet, cherry-like note are backed by a creamy -- almost buttery -- tobacco core of toasty flavors that 5 Vegas Classic is known for.

Indeed, the elevation of 5 Vegas Classic -- using elevated tobaccos to produce a memorable elevation of strength, flavor and complexity....elevating 5 Vegas and taking the name to (very) bold new heights.

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