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Merchandise and Purchasing Jobs

A motley crew of scruffy-faced misfits with more cigar, tobacco and industry knowledge than any set of Joe six-pack gringos should ever gain in a lifetime. Core responsibilities include, but are not even close to limited to, product placement, brand creation, brand management, coordination of any beer-related activities (whether internal or external), product development, sales channel management, morale boosting, catalog creation, blend creation and analysis, inventory management, morale diminishment, copywriting, HR job security, outright debauchery, and so (so!) much more. To keep it simple....we buy stuff, create stuff, manage the stuff, develop ways to market and sell the stuff through a wide variety of sales channels both online and offline, then cackle madly and initiate a series of dances when our individual sales figures exceed those of our fellow merchants, usually including the chicken dance, Icky Shuffle and the lawnmower, typically ending with the sprinkler. Recommended attributes for potential candidates: innovativeness, wittiness, intuitiveness, charm....ness(?), outside the box thinking (look boss, buzz words!), good looks, a passion for the product and industry, excessive facial hair, perfection.

Note: Cigars International is an equal opportunity employer....but that don’t mean you’ll be a merchant.
Like most things in life, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad over with, shall we? Not all departments are actively looking to fill positions at any given moment in time. Sad, but true....and you can find out which departments are looking by digging a little deeper in this here section. As promised, here’s the good news: we are always accepting and reviewing applications. That said, send us yours and we’ll look it over - scout’s honor!