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Human Resources Jobs

Human Resources. Oft described as the home of reckoning, where folks get hired and folks get fired. While true, it doesn’t tell the whole story here at Cigars International. Think of us as the architects of the workplace. Architects: as in designers, planners, creators, inventors and prime movers of the human assets strategy. The Human Resource Department is responsible for creating well-designed, safe, motivated, artistically pleasing, and economical structures for all of our associates at all levels of the organization. So what does all this mean? I honestly have no idea, but it sounds legit. Regardless, I do know this....we do hire and fire people. And if we schedule a meeting with you and you don’t know why, leave a big, empty box at your desk for our convenience. Thank you.

At CI, the Human Resource Department strongly believes in the VI Approach (Vanilla Ice Approach), which consists of two simple steps: 1.) “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” 2.) “Checkout the hook while my DJ revolves it.” To increase efficiency, and due to some pressure from our COO, we’ve reduced this industry-leading approach to one quick step (by promptly firing the DJ). This proves we’re agile in our strategies. In addition to solving problems, we provide affordable benefit packages, furnish organized development, encourage wellness, enhance employee motivation, and produce effective communication.

Blah. Blah. Blah - yawn. Bottom line: Through frequent water cooler pow-wows, uncomfortable yet affective invasions of personal space, extreme close-talking, and an inviting, open-door / close-minded policy, we keep the ‘employ’ in employee....unless you’re terrible at your job and we’re forced to remove you.
Like most things in life, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad over with, shall we? Not all departments are actively looking to fill positions at any given moment in time. Sad, but true....and you can find out which departments are looking by digging a little deeper in this here section. As promised, here’s the good news: we are always accepting and reviewing applications. That said, send us yours and we’ll look it over - scout’s honor!