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Human Resources Jobs

Human Resources. Oft described as the home of reckoning, where folks get hired and folks get fired. While true, it doesn’t tell the whole story here at Cigars International. Think of us as the architects of the workplace. Architects: as in designers, planners, creators, inventors and prime movers of the human assets strategy. The Human Resource Department is responsible for creating well-designed, safe, motivated, artistically pleasing, and economical structures for all of our associates at all levels of the organization. So what does all this mean? I honestly have no idea, but it sounds legit. Regardless, I do know this....we do hire and fire people. And if we schedule a meeting with you and you don’t know why, leave a big, empty box at your desk for our convenience. Thank you.

At CI, the Human Resource Department strongly believes in the VI Approach (Vanilla Ice Approach), which consists of two simple steps: 1.) “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” 2.) “Checkout the hook while my DJ revolves it.” To increase efficiency, and due to some pressure from our COO, we’ve reduced this industry-leading approach to one quick step (by promptly firing the DJ). This proves we’re agile in our strategies. In addition to solving problems, we provide affordable benefit packages, furnish organized development, encourage wellness, enhance employee motivation, and produce effective communication.

Blah. Blah. Blah - yawn. Bottom line: Through frequent water cooler pow-wows, uncomfortable yet affective invasions of personal space, extreme close-talking, and an inviting, open-door / close-minded policy, we keep the ‘employ’ in employee....unless you’re terrible at your job and we’re forced to remove you.

Human Resources Operations Specialist

Department: Human Resources
Location: Corporate Headquarters
Reports To: Human Resources Director

This role will support our continued growth. You will be challenged each and every day by your functional leadership as well as the organization’s Line Managers and most of all valued employees. We all want you to insure the passion continues to be at the highest level possible. Keep in mind expectations are very high but that is the key to our success.

Yes, you are primarily responsible for day-to-day Human Resources administrative activities. We have the expectation that you will go well above and beyond but you will have help from the rest of fully engaged Human Resources Generalist Staff. Remember if it isn’t fun it is work and although the days may be tough and long it will be highly enjoyable and you will leave each day feeling good about what you accomplished and how you positively impacted the employee population and maybe even your boss, and you will have many.

What we need from you:

  • Evaluates ways to leverage the Human Resources/Human Assets (HR/HA) function’s collective resources and creates systems and processes to drive coordination of HR/HA transactional processes for consistency and effectiveness across entities.
  • Manages the HR/HA metrics generation and dissemination process.
  • Determines and supervises the HR/HA transactions and record-keeping functions across the Organization to insure HR information systems’ and electronic records integrity and consistency.
  • Consults with internal clients regarding the need for modification of HR information systems, reports, pay policies and practices, and job evaluation and design requests, and recommends the most effective approach based on market research/analysis and needs of the business.
  • In partnership with the functional HR/HA team and the entire organization; develops, implements, and administers compensation programs for the organization in collaboration with our strategic partner, the Accounting Department.

Work Experience:

  • Four (4) to eight (8) years of HR/HA operations/specialist experience in HRIS administration, HR report generation and analyses, metric tracking, graphing and trending
  • Ability to generate data and analyze same is a must with compensation and Payroll, administration and understanding payroll procedures and support preferably with experience with the ADP system
  • Strong working knowledge or developing job descriptions, conducting job evaluations, leading the salary/wage budgeting processes, understanding pay practices locally and within the industry
  • Comprehensive Benefits & Benefits Administration experience
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations related to WC, FMLA, FLSA, Wage and Hour, I-9 and recordkeeping.
  • Able to work with a variety of computer applications at a high level of competence (i.e. HRIS systems, MS Excel, Word).
  • Understanding of the role Human Resources Generalists so that you can support them to the highest degree.
  • Exposure to Recruiting practices to support all Generalists in their recruiting efforts which are extensive. We continue to grow consistently at a 30% rate with the emphasis on Bench Strength initiatives.

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in business, finance or human resources or related field, advanced degree preferred and/or SHRM certification (PHR or SPHR) or a Specialist certification or in lieu of extensive experience in a Human Resources Specialist function



  • Trains/educates functional Team and organization for the understanding of practices and operational requirements
  • Facilitates interactive communication among functional team and organization to identify issues/concerns/opportunities before the organization is impacted
  • Responsible for HR data entry and transactional functions to ensure consistency and efficiency
  • Manages the implementation and operational effectiveness of system-wide HR projects, including advocacy of HR information system’s needs, reporting, and development.
  • In partnership with the Generalists identifies needs and implications, and presents case to various leaders for reclassification, re-grading, and market wage adjustments for positions
  • Partners and interacts with the appropriate functional Team member or various other functional Leaders/Managers/Supervisors/Employees

Compensation & Benefits

  • In partnership with functional & organizational members determines compensation and benefit parameters for hiring, retention, reclassification, market adjustment, and in-grading across the organization.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Administration/communications/reconciliation knowledge
  • Responsible for timely communication of compensation and benefits practice and parameter changes within their group.
  • Maintains an accurate and up to date job description repository for the organization within the job description system.
  • Conducts pay & benefit equity studies then analyze and make strategic recommendations
  • Maintain, update Payroll date prior to Payroll Specialist processing Payroll.
  • Review & approve Payroll
  • Oversees the HR electronic records processes
  • Assists with or lead within the group all compensation-related projects

HR Operational Effectiveness

  • Recruiting support/administration
  • Assist with the management of the HR budget
  • Determines the HR transactions and HR record-keeping requirements and processes
  • Conducts periodic HR data and recordkeeping audits to ensure accuracy, compliance and consistency
  • Coordinates with functional Team and organizational leaders to develop and disseminate HR metrics and dashboards
  • Continually improve and keep evergreen HR report design and generation
  • Oversees tracking and reporting for leadership across the organization, Occupational Health, performance management, and employee development
  • Manager the HR electronic records processes
  • Identify and share best practices

You see we don’t just sell cigars through our website and in our three (3) retail stores which btw is going to grow to many and in many States; we distribute them, market them, merchandise them and all these functional departments on our Career Page are part of the madness, joy and daily fun (and work, it just doesn’t seem that way).

Now, If you are still interested you must, (absolutely must, no exceptions) send a Cover Letter identifying how your background, skills and experience match our Job Description including your salary requirements, I know you don’t want to show your card but you are going to have to tell me sooner or later. Also it would work in your best interest if you tell me how you are going to take us to the next level because here the sky is the limit because in case you missed it we are #1 and we intend to stay there. Believe me I read what you have to say more thoroughly than your resume.

Human Resource Generalist, Distribution Center

Department: Human Resources
Location: Corporate Headquarters
Reports To: Human Resources Director

This role will oversee all areas of Human Resources within the distribution center network, including performance management, organizational development, communications, compensation, recruiting and support safety & health management. Experience working in an entrepreneurial environment requiring strong multi-tasking abilities with a continually growing company where opportunity abounds, you could find a great home within our organization. We need passionate individuals like you to help us thrive! 

One (1) of every five (5) cigars sold in the United States passes through our Spillman Drive Distribution Center. You have the extraordinary opportunity to join an organization comprised of over 350 highly valued employees! Your goal, if you are willing to accept the challenge, is to reinforce and help each and every one of our employees to understand they are critical to our success, they add tremendous value and what they do impacts the organization.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Handles various employee relations' issues such as investigating employee’s complaints, resolving employee conflicts and advising appropriate action to management
  • Provides counsel and guidance on Human Resources and employee relations issues management, supervisors and associates. Good situational judgment in the context of supervisory counseling and conflict resolution
  • Assists in the training of employees at all levels in particular, Leads and Supervisors in all areas of human asset management including but not limited to: timely topics, leadership skills and development, recruitment, performance management, safety, workers compensation, absence management, training, benefits and compliance.
  • Responsible and/or participates in location safety programs and is responsible for worker's compensation administration.
  • Plans and conducts new employee orientation to introduce company policies and practices, as well as benefits information. 
  • Maintains staffing requirements including recruitment, interviewing, and selection of employees to fill vacant positions. Manages the internal posting program to allow internal transfers as needed. Works closely as one (1) of the facility’s liaison with contract employment providers and contingent obtain and hire employees per guidelines and within budget.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization while maintaining confidentiality when necessary
  • Strong multitasking and organizational skills to meet multiple deadlines.
  • Partners, advises and makes recommendations to Distribution Center Director and Warehouse Manager

Core Competencies:

  • Bachelor Degree Human Resources Management, Business or related field preferred.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in a facility with a Non-Exempt/hourly employee population (150+) in distribution or manufacturing environment. Human Resources administration in a distribution/warehousing environment, required
  • A strategic, innovative thinker but primarily tactical hands-on leadership approach
  • Strong safety background required
  • Working knowledge of local, state and federal laws and regulations governing employment.
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and tools
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Interested candidates must send a Cover Letter identifying how your background, skills and experience match our Job Description including your salary requirements.