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Distribution Center Jobs

Not to gloat, but all the other departments wouldn’t exist without us. We’re a modest team of hard-working, rock-ribbed soldiers, but the fate of CI is in our hands. The Distribution Center is the red beating heart of the company. We’re the cornerstone, the mighty bedrock upon which CI stands. Think about it. We fulfill the orders, which includes order picking, packing, and shipping. We assemble countless samplers exactly as requested. We receive incoming product and replenish the inventory. Seriously folks, you won’t find some IT nocturnal venturing into the light to unload an inbound container. We’ve yet to see an anti-social Accountant on the packing line, helping over 7,200 packages go out the door, daily. And I’ll be damned if one of those lazy Merch dudes puts down a cigar to help assemble a single cigar sampler. Individually we’re freakin’ awesome. Together, we’re shaq diesel. The CI Distribution Center is akin to Vultron....over 100 strong working as a single, unrivaled unit to ensure the success of our daily output goal. We touch the very core of customer service through a wide variety of vital tasks to guarantee customer satisfaction and retention. As for humble? Pfft! We have humility in droves.

Distribution Center Roles

Department: Distribution Center
Location: Corporate Headquarters
Reports To: Warehouse Manager
Cigars International Distribution Center Receiver


Objective: To count inbound inventory accurately yet quickly so that merchandise can be delivered into inventory within 24 hours of receipt. Must possess basic math skill, be able to lift 50 pounds on a continual basis and operate basic warehouse equipment.

Cigars International Distribution Center Replenishment


Objective: To put away new inventory into proper bin locations and overstock within 24 hours of counting. To pull down overstock and replenish bins so products can be available for the next work day. Must be able to operate stand-up lift, and lift 50 pounds on a continuous basis.

Cigars International Distribution Center Sampler Maker/Assembler

Sampler Maker/Assembler

Objective: To create samplers in an accurate and timely manner as designated by management. Samplers must be accurately assembled in a neat manner and presentable for sale and delivery to our customers. Individuals must be very detail oriented.

Cigars International Distribution Center Order Layout

Order Layout

Objective: To sort picked product and match it to the customer invoice efficiently and accurately. Order layout drives the tempo on the packing floor, so it is important that the employee has strong product recognition and pays close attention to detail.

Cigars International Distribution Center Packer


Objective: To pack individual customer orders efficiently in a manner that ensures no damage to the product inside the package as well as an above average package presentation upon delivery to our customers. Presentation is very important; it is our customers first impression of Cigars International.

Cigars International Distribution Center Picker


Objective: To pick product for all customer orders within an acceptable timeframe accurately in order to meet daily fulfillment requirements for customers. Job requires walking for the entire shift, product recognition skills, pushing a pick cart that could weigh up to 25 pounds and keeping pick cart clean and orderly. Order picker is also responsible for maintaining a clean work environment in the pick area and for bringing any stock discrepancies or errors to the attention of management.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Analyst & Super User

Department: Distribution Center
Location: Corporate Headquarters
Reports To: Operations Manager


High Level Job Description:

The WMS Super User is our in-house distribution system expert!

Responsibilities include documenting process flow, making recommendations for improvements, implementing changes, troubleshooting and configuration of the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for SCALE application during and after the initial implementation.

Detailed Job Description/Responsibilities

  • Work directly with the project team and operations staff to ensure system configuration complies with defined functionality
  • Validate system through multiple phases of testing including but not exclusive to system integration and volume.
  • Work directly with DC end-users to troubleshoot SCALE issues, revise processes and procedures, perform quality audits, and change configuration as needed to help operations team conduct business more efficiently.
  • Work directly with the DC training staff to document and communicate operational or system changes appropriately.
  • Work directly with IT and Manhattan Associates to troubleshoot issues, revise processes and procedures and change configuration as needed.
  • Assist users in developing conversion and implementation procedures.

Required Competencies/Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • Functional and technical knowledge of Manhattan WMS or competing WMS
  • Proven analytic skills in troubleshooting
  • SQL query writing
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience in multi-phase testing of a Warehouse Management System, Lean, and Six Sigma

Candidates must send a Cover Letter identifying how your background, skills and experience match our Job Description including your salary requirements.