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Design Jobs

We dream about pixels and walk to the tune of Roy-Gee-Biv. We use words like saturation, opacity, and hue. We don’t go anywhere without our pantone swatch book, and actually use a legit, non-pirated version of Adobe Photoshop. Indeed, you can buy this program. Here’s the skinny on the CI Design Department. First of all, we’re not all girls. Well, most are, but we don’t discrimi-hate and dudes are welcome. Second, our department is top-notch. Picture spacious, individual offices outfitted with personal design, photography studios and oversized, ‘inspiration’ windows gazing outward over the pastoral Lehigh Valley. Now promptly remove that image from your dome, because you’ve wandered way off base here. Not off to a good start, are we? Spoil yourself with countless colors, muy expensivo cameras with flashy parts, and frequent team-building activities to express your creative side. When we’re not coloring by numbers or numbering by colors, you will usually find us creating new 120-page catalogs every six months, creating a second 80-page catalog every six weeks, aiding new product development with band, box, and illustration creation, and feverishly designing web graphics, monthly newsletters, product videos, space ads, package inserts, web page layouts, brand logos, and so much more.
Like most things in life, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad over with, shall we? Not all departments are actively looking to fill positions at any given moment in time. Sad, but true....and you can find out which departments are looking by digging a little deeper in this here section. As promised, here’s the good news: we are always accepting and reviewing applications. That said, send us yours and we’ll look it over - scout’s honor!