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JetLine Butane Fuel Can

Filtered for your enjoyment.

Jetline butane could probably fuel a jet - and that’s no joke. This ultra-clean butane is filtered 5 times for optimal performance, keeping your lighter running clean and efficient. Each can also features a sturdy metal fill nozzle.

Price includes 2 cans. Each can is 13oz. for a total of 26oz!

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Jetline Butane Fuel 2-Pack Shipping Constraints TWO CANS In Stock $25.00 $12.99
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Due to shipping and carrier regulations, adding this item to your order will cause your entire order to be shipped via a slower, ground method. Shipping times up to 3 weeks could occur depending on your location. This item can be shipped within the Continental US only.
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Customer Reviews of “JetLine Butane Fuel Can”
A great product that keeps your quality lighters from clogging. An exceptional buy from CI and well worth every penny.
CF of Worcester, MA
Very large can!
JM of South Dartmouth, MA
Wow 2 huge cans, I wont need fuel for a few years now :)
JB of Friendswood, TX
For most cans of butane, I've never had to use any of the included adapters. But you will likely need to use one for these to avoid losing more fuel than you put into your lighter. The nozzle is a little large and so the fit is a little loose without an adapter, at least for my lighters. Otherwise, no complaints. Great value. Really large cans. Huh huh huh!!
GH of Yorktown, VA
Great stuff. All of my lighters ignite on first click and burn steady and strong. This fluid is five times refined. I highly recommend this.
JS of Brooklyn, NY
Great butane, best price I've found for x5 refined butane. There are a lot of cheap "supposedly" 5x butane on [other sites], however, they're likely NOT as refined as they're advertised, seeing as though they're made in Korea where laws are lax. However, no worries with this JetLine butane as it's made in England! One thing that would have been nice is set of refill valve adapters as the metal valve on the can is to large for most lighters and you end up wasting a lot of butane refilling lighters. Not so much a problem for me because I have some plastic adapters from another can of butane. You should be able to find butane adapters cheap on [other sites].
JS of Huntington, IN
Review a can of fluid? Ok... it gets the job done :)
JK of Pomona, CA
Very conveniently includes all adapter tips right in the cap. Does not fit ideally into the same brand zippo insert that I purchased and can leak a bit excessively during the filling process but for the price, amount, and 5x refined, you really can't beat it. It also took me a bit of time to master the process so these faults may be due more to my own fallibility.
CG of Niles, OH
Works great.
KM of Cliinton, CT
Great value and great purchase
After realizing that some butane mixtures are not "clean," I decided to try this particular brand. I'm pleased with the results that it provided. Having a few "high-end" butane lighters, I've never had the experience of seeing them at work...with quality butane. Now, I've had that pleasure! And I've stopped using my Zippos!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
Good quality butane. F.Y.I....And learned a lesson of not putting butane and cigars on same order. Of no fault of C.I., postal service may not get in any hurry, no matter how valuable the cigars are inside that box. Trust me!
SM of Kokomo, IN
Excellent butane burns super clean and doesn't leave buildup on my lighter
JS of pueblo, CO