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Brothers In Arms - September 2013

A wall of honor for our brave men and women serving this great country! Help us keep it growing: send your pictures of armed forces members to If possible, please include the location where the pictures were taken and the unit information.

L to R: SSG Lafountain (10th Mountain), SFC Billig (PA NG), SSG Stark (OK NG), SSG Gilbreath (TX NG), and SGT Quinn (OK NG) at an airfield in Afghanistan, 09 SEP 2013. D Co 3-10 GSAB QC Shop Night Shift enjoying their cigars at 0530 daily. "It's our shop's morning ritual from 5 am local to 6 am local to enjoy great cigars while watching our helicopters. ... Thanks CI for all the support."

L to R: USAF 1LT Spencer Wile, DOD Civilian David Gault (USN Ret), and USAF Capt Mike Lasorda. "... enjoying fine Gurkha cigars in celebration of Labor Day & the 66th Birthday of the United States Air Force; Afghanistan."

US ARMY, 1-17 IN BN, Afghanistan