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Brothers In Arms - June 2012

A wall of honor for our brave men and women serving this great country! Help us keep it growing: send your pictures of armed forces members to If possible, please include the location where the pictures were taken and the unit information.

The Talibanned Cigar Aficionado Club, Afghanistan, "in pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma."

SFC John Enstrom of TMT-West with some Canadian Army brothers, Afghanistan. - "I received a small box today of the Cuba Libre’s I ordered as well as a large box from CI that I wasn’t expecting. Inside was around 200 cigars that I am assuming were Cigars for Troops. ...Thank you very much CI."

Eric Montag in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan.

Brandon Simons, Jimmie Mckinney, Karl Kieffer, and Eric Montag in an undisclosed location in south west Asia. "Good times had by all!"

LT Weadon with his new humidor and cigars from Cigars International

The Dirty Dozen Cigar Club has their first meeting in Afghanistan

VMGR-252 11.1 Afghanistan, 2011.

"On top of Taliban ’s Last Stand." USMC. Maj General Toolan and Combat Carl 2011 in Afghanistan.

"Maj Koltick (Bobcat) enjoying a good break". VMGR 252 OEF 11.1 CO. Afghanistan, 2011.

"Capt Valenti enjoying a cigar break!" OEF. Afghanistan, 2011.

"Combat Carl never stops, but when he does, it’s with a cigar." Afghanistan, 2011.

"Cigar:30 social in the ’Trashpit’." OEF Afghanistan, 2011.

"USMC. Our reunion after returning from OEF"