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Brothers In Arms - December 2011

A wall of honor for our brave men and women serving this great country! Help us keep it growing: send your pictures of armed forces members to If possible, please include the location where the pictures were taken and the unit information.

"I’m SGT Wills in the 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command. This photo was taken in Kuwait while I was working on the M-16 qualification range, smoking a breakfast cigar. Guns and cigars: A great way to start an ARMY day!!"

Members of CDDOC in Kuwait enjoying a cigar on Christmas Day!

David Gault, Department of Defense Civilian supporting U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Enjoying a fine Gurkha Torpedo Cigar on Christmas Day at Camp Julien!

From left to right; SGT Hayes, SPC Rhoades, SGT Woznack, and SPC Granillo. Christmas Eve/ End of operations in Iraq celebratory cigars. Taken in Kuwait.