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Stink Ashtray HERF Edition

That's a big bitch!

Introducing, the Stinky Ashtray HERF Edition. Made in the same, high-quality, durable fashion as its smaller brethren, the Herf Edition is polished with a stainless steel finish that's heat resistant and easy to clean. Functional and massive....this bad boy can support up to 8 cigars at once and will store more ash than you can make in a weekend....errrr, lifetime.

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Stinky Ashtray HERF Edition 8-FINGER ASHTRAY In Stock $104.95 $75.00
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Customer Reviews of “Stink Ashtray HERF Edition”
Once-every-blue-moon cigar orgy or alternate fruit bowl Stinky.
RG of Biddeford, ME