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Xikar Ash Can

The most versatile ashtray to date.

So simple, yet so damn genius....the Xikar Ash Can is the ultimate ashtray for anyone who enjoys cigars on the go. Constructed of 100% stainless steel, the Ash Can will safely and easily hold the ashes of your cigar as you drive, while the lid keeps the ashes and aromas at bay - at all times - until you're ready to burn another tasty cigar. There's even a flexible cigar holder keeping your cigars ash-free. Best of all, cleaning is a breeze! Simply empty the Xikar Ash can, place it in your dishwasher, and BOOM! Good as new.

Move the cup of java out of the way; your cup holder has a new best friend.

Features include:
- Fits perfectly into the cup holder and console of most cars
- Durable, 100% stainless steel construction
- Stainless steel coil for easy ashing
- Stainless steel cigar holder
- Deep ashing reservoir
- Stainless steel lid to contain ashes and aromas

MSRP: $20

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Xikar Ash Can CAR ASHTRAY In Stock $20.00 $14.99
Xikar Ash Can Leather Wrapped LEATHER CAR ASHTRAY In Stock $28.00 $23.99
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Customer Reviews of “Xikar Ash Can”
CI. This was a fantastic gift, and has been used ever since it arrived. This can is a great place to pour your ashes from your ashtray, then place your smoked cigar. After you screw the lid on the can, this will assure that they hold no flames that may result in a fire. My next door neighbor had one side of his home burn black, due to a fine ash still retaining fire when placed in the garbage bag. Yes, I agree that no one should put ashes in a bag until they know their out. But this is a clear example of an educated person causing an accident. With this Xikar Ash Can, the finished cigars are kept in there for several hours with no oxygen. When the can is ready to be cleaned, I have no worry about creating a fire in my home. It also hold a cigar pretty good if your just wanting to put one down for a few moments. Worth the money.
DM of Taylor, MI
Simply stated. A fantastic gift from CI, that I consider one of the best gifts I have ever received. CI I thank you for giving me one of these with an over $99.00 order. Where my small cigar lounge is located, I have to make sure there are no burning ashes left behind when I leave the place. This small can is the best thing I've seen yet and know there are no flames burning. By pouring my ash tray directly into the tin can, I just screw the lid back on, the lack of air does the rest. Thank you CI.
DM of Taylor, MI
Fantastic for outdoor use on the deck, patio or trail. I use mine when the breezes blow summer or winter. Floating down the Montana streams flyfishing it is a perfect containment system.
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
Love it, No more ashes on the floor.
TC of Wilmington, DE
Fits right in the cupholder. Great for the car, easy to clean, hides smells and keeps everything tidy.
VM of Dunkirk, MD
I used it for two years, worked perfect, as a truck driver. Kept my eyes on the road, never had to worry about securing my cigar, just set in the can and drove.
Perfectly fits my cup holders on the bridge deck of my 34' trawler. Love the coil springs for knocking the ash off before the wind does; keeping dropped ashes to a minimum (if none at all). Xikar holds the cigar safely or snubs it out quickly when I have to put it down and pay attention to running the boat. I love it so much I'm buying these for all my cigar boating buddies. Nothing works better on the deck...just ask my admiral!!!
I got the Leather Wrapped Ash Can on MMAO for a great price. I was actually shopping for the regular stainless can but got the leather wrapped version for less than the retail of the all-stainless. The leather is glued on and not removable, so I have some doubts as to the durability over time of the leather, I will probably only hand-wash to preserve the leather although it is supposed to be dishwasher safe. It is also a bit shorter than I thought it would be but fits perfectly in the cup holder of my truck, and seals any nasty ash smells inside. Just wish it was a little bit taller to accommodate a larger partially smoked cigar to relight later and seal in the odors. A nice, attractive ash can for the vehicle or the garage.
CP of Edmonds, WA
Two words: Perfectly useful. The spiral ring provides a perfect place to knock off your ash & twirl it around for a little more symmetry at the end. The other ring can easily accommodate my 60 ring gauge fat boys!! The bottom plate provides a place for the ash to drift down & settle. I don't believe that part is removable, but regardless, the whole unit can be cleaned with ease!! Lastly, the lid has a nice fit to lock out those unwanted odors in your vehicle!! The price tells you it's Xikar, but the quality of it justifies everything completely ;) !!
ST of Odessa, TX
Great idea for an ashtray, I use it in the porch and the smell of an ashtray is not there from a left out ashtray because the ash can has a cover and it makes non smokers happy not having to smell a dirty ashtray. The metal insert gave me some problems. Xikar will replace it because it has a lifetime warranty but the replacement didn't last long so I made my own out of a coat hanger and it will last forever....
RR of Margate, FL
Nice addition to the family!
RN of Morrow, GA
Cool as hell. Keeps all of the ashes enclosed so your vehicle doesn't stink. I use it all of the time. I can put a half smoked stick in there with the lid on and it snuffs it out without harming the smoke. Coil thing is really handy for knocking off the ashes that are stubborn too.
CF of Steeleville, IL
I got this as a freebie a while back with a $100 purchase. By far the best bang for your buck. I keep this in my truck for when I'm on the road with a nice smoke. I don't have to worry about ashing out the windows while I'm driving. And being it's a deep enough can I don't need to empty it too often. Unless, I need to empty out the nubs of the cigars I leave behind. The cover seals up tight as well so no worry about it falling off. Fits perfectly in my cup holders also. A great job done by Xikar for this accessory for us cigar aficionados.
CC of Lindenhurst, NY
I love it. I use it on the deck, in the car, .. just about everywhere actually. I do prefer the screw top to the slide on top. I find it extremely handy while driving because the single loop will hold a freshly lit smoke and the shrinking spiral is perfect for when the smoke gets smaller than half way. You can put a still burning smoke in the can and close the lid. No mess, no fuss and no smell. I have given these to friends.
This is my most practical travel ashcan. Many hotels will allow you to smoke on a terrace or balcony, but they don't provide ashtrays. This is very practical and it allows the gar to go out safely before disposing. I recommend this for those who smoke and travel.
JM of Spirit Lake, IA
Super cool, and now my ceramic 2 finger isn't riding shotgun, so the girlfriend can actually ride with me, true story. Great lil' addition.
ED of Bloomington, MN
Best car cigar ashtray yet. Functional and stylish. It shines and made of metal, what more could you want? CI has done it again. A great product at a fantastic price.
CB of Willoughby, OH
This ash can is perfect for my vehicle. It fits in a cup holder, the coil assist in removing ash with ease, and should I have to pump gas, my burning stick is held securely in the opposing ring. Once I smoke down to a nub, I simply drop it in the can and cap it up with no lingering odor. Great as a gift for my friends who are cigar enthusiasts also.
Works well.
Great ash can for on the go. I enjoy a nice smoke to help relax on my way home at night and this can has worked out great. It fits nice in a cup holder and holds just about any size cigar you have. The lid fits nice and tight and stays on even after hitting the floor during a hard brake.
Awesome piece, exactly as advertised, so convenient.
SM of New Castle, DE
I don't plan to ever use this in a car, but it works great to safely snuff out cigars after a smoke on my deck. Also works awesome in a golf cart cup holder and the cigar holder keeps your stick from flying out.
JM of Overland Park, KS
makes it easy to drive and enjoy a good cigar without ashes being tossed out the window.
MD of Oak Lawn, IL
Great ash can
MH of Orangevale, CA
For some reason, I thought it would be taller. Overall, thrilled with the item purchased. I use it considerably! Another fine move...made possible!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
This little can is perfect for the front porch for me. Use it to relax with a smoke and don't have to worry about ashing on the porch. Can leave the ash in the can for a while and dispose later which is nice since I sit out there late sometimes and don't want to track the fresh ash through the house.
Simple elegant and effective. Does what it claims to do.
NG of Fabius, NY