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Stinky Ashtray

Smells good to me!

The Stinky ashtray is a durable, well-made piece. With a polished stainless steel finish that's heat resistant and easy to clean, the Stinky ashtray is functional and attractive. A 4-finger design with an endlessly deep bowl that puts a stop to daily ashtray emptying.
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Stinky Ashtray
4-FINGER - STEEL In Stock $37.50 $19.99
Stinky Ashtray - Copper
4-FINGER - COPPER In Stock $49.95 $34.99

Customer Reviews of “Stinky Ashtray”

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The Stinky ashtray is just plain AWESOME. I can go 2 weeks with 2-4 cigars a day before I have to empty the thing! Stainless steel is nice, since mine is kept outside. Everyone needs one of these.
Guys, close your eyes and think of all the gripes you have about the various kinds of common, traditional ashtrays. For example, my gripes with various designs are stuff like: (1) insufficient bowl capacity leading to frequent emptyings or else your current cigar annoyingly rests on the dead prior cigars and ashes, (2) insufficient diameter to use all (or even just some) of the cigar rests simultaneously with longer cigars like Churchills, (3) shatters if you drop it (ceramic and glass designs), (4) difficult and time-consuming to balance your cigar perfectly so it doesn't fall off or tilt into the bowl (designs with narrow rests), (5) not very weather-resistant (UV-induced color fading for instance), etc. This ashtray solves ALL of them, and it looks very nice! Enough said.
This is the Best Ashtray you will ever own. You only have to empty once a week if you like. I have purchased many and give them to my close friends as gifts. It's a great design.
I ordered this ashtray last week. The shipping was super fast. Sadly the product was damaged when it arrived the edge and one of the rests was bent down quite a bit. Nothing else in the order was damaged and it wasn't a huge deal to me. I was going to keep it either way. I did however let CI know of the damage incase any others were damaged as well. I was not expecting a replacement or to return it as in my mind that was more hassle than what it was worth. The Kristen in the customer service department sent me a quick response and informed me she was sending me a replacement anyway. I couldn't ask for better customer service. I love the ashtray even though it was bent. Great deal and it was sweetened with great people taking care of their customers. 5 stars all the way around.
This is a beautiful ashtray. I almost wish to get it engraved, it looks like a trophy. The rests hold your cigar perfectly, no rolling or sliding. And the deep bowl means no ash on a resting stogie. P.S. Yes, I can call it beautiful, I am a chick!
Probably one of the best purchases I made. This ashtray is amazing!!! It is huge so you do not have to empty it every day, it holds your cigars if you need to run in the house or get something. Well worth the $$$ and is a must have!!
Couldn't imagine smoking without ol' Shiny beside me. Love it!
Works like a charm! Easy to clean and looks nice.
Nice deep tray...good quality for the price.
PERFECT. It does the job and it looks good on my outside table on my deck. 19 bucks too! GO FOR IT!
Best ashtray you could want. I smoke outside and even in a good breeze ashes stay inside its considerable bowl. You would need like 20 people ashing into this over the course our like 6 hours to fill this with ash. If you throw the last 2-3 inches in it will still hold 20 or more easily. It is very easy to clean to get back to its original shine. Cigars of almost any ring gauge sit on the rim very solidly.
Beautiful. Not too big, not too small. Holds cigars just fine.
This ash tray rocks! Friends and I sit around smoking our cigars and they always ask where I bought this ashtray.
You won't find a better cigar ashtray. Now when I sit out on the deck, with the fan blowing, I don't get ashes all over the place.
This is a wonderful ashtray, nice and tall. The ashes stay away from your cigar while it is resting on one of the 5 pillars.....this is a must have for the cigar afficianado
Excellent ashtray. Good for having a few friends over for cigars. Easy to clean out afterwards. Good buy.