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Looking for a solid torch lighter to light that tasty cigar? Just look at these great brands and their unique designs. The fun just starts at the design. These lighters use butane so they burn at a higher temperature, which produces an extremely efficient flame for the best cigar lighting experience around. By the way, don't forget to pick up some butane.  We also have some soft flame lighters for those of you who enjoy pipes.  You can filter down all lighter styles using the filters on the left of the page. 

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As low as $39.95
Xikar NXT Lighter
As low as $9.49
Colibri Reload Lighter
As low as $49.00
Bugatti CEO Lighter
As low as $9.95
Bugatti BL3 Lighter
As low as $15.00
Jetline Slim Jim Lighter
As low as $37.61
Xikar Vitara Lighter
As low as $49.95
Lotus Gemini Lighter
As low as $23.99
Jetline Bolla Lighter
As low as $19.99
Jetline C-45 Lighter
As low as $14.95
Vertigo Dublin Pipe Flame Lighter