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Get a Grip Clip Sale

Get a Grip!

I'll be honest, when I first saw this thing I was extremely skeptical. I mean, c'mon, it looks more like a high school shop project than an actual production cigar accessory. But at the urging of the pesky buyer that sits across the office from me, I gave it a shot and did a little product testing of my own. I still hate the way it looks, but I've gotta be honest, this thing works exceptionally well.

Two different tension clips are used. One side is rubberized, with a harder tension spring - that's the side you clip to the golf cart, desk, car hood or whatever else. The rubberized texture prevents scratching and the strong clip holds tight. The other side has a softer spring - this is where you clip the cigar. The gentle spring holds well without crushing. Plus, the two clip pieces swivel smoothly letting your cigar safely dangle wherever.

The truth is, there are other clips like this on the market - we even sell a few. But this one is unique for a couple of reasons. First, it's all metal so it won't crack like some of the others have a habit of doing. Secondly, the unique design with the two clips and swivel action allows this thing to clip onto just about anything. In short....sorry for doubting you Vern (he's the fella I spoke of previously...the pesky one), you were right....the Get a Grip Clip is actually pretty nice.

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COPPER CIGAR CLIP In Stock $20.00 $8.87
Overall Rating 2.75 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Get a Grip Clip”

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1 out of 5
Very Poor Design
Watch out! This clip is in two pieces held together by a small screw. If you don't check the screw for tightness everytime out you WILL LOSE the half that holds your cigar. Very bad design. It happened to me.
5 out of 5
Copper Cigar Clip
It's a great clip. Well made.
4 out of 5
Don't forget it on the cart!
Good piece of equipment after you rebuild it. Don't wait for it to fall apart and not be able to find the parts. Take the rivet out and replace it with a 8-32 screw and locknut, you will have a nice cigar holder then as long as you can keep from losing it. Have left mine on a golf cart 4 times but it has always made it's way back. Works well for what it is intended to do.
1 out of 5
worst cigar grip ever
This is a horrible design. Jaws are to small to be effective. The linkage between the two grips is very loose and floppy . The overall result is something better suited to holding up tomato plants than for a cigar.
Customer Testimonials
Tried the Get A Grip clip last night. Unfortunately the clip does not have enough grip to hold on to to the square steel of the front frame. I did however use it on the hand grip handle under the canopy to hold my stick. I will be purchasing the large plastic clip style and this will be my backup.
Loved it so much I had to give some to friends!
I love this thing. I use it golfing, fishing, shooting. I'm lost with out it. Getting another one.
I used one of these for a little while, until my cigar went missing along with one of the 2 clips. The rivet broke and all I had left hanging on the front post of the cart was the other clip. I've got one of the "Plastic" ones that everyone seems to be dissing. I've had it for yrs. works fine. Do however take your label maker and put your name and phone number on the thing so if you forget it on the cart maybe one of the cart guys will call you and save it for you.
I use this on my Harley Streetglide handlebar. It works great, I smoke while riding the Harley, and my stick clips right where I need it...
My girlfriend got me one of these and I thought to myself, "What the heck?" But after using it through a round of golf I'm a believer! This thing works great! Trying to buy an extra 1 and 1 for a friend on MMAO! Wish me luck! P.S. They're still worth the $$$$$
Best clip I've ever used! But get to know the cart boys if you drink while playing golf! I've forgotten mine 3 times already! Did I mention that I play 3-4 times a week 18-36 holes with my brothers,enjoying our cigars and drinks? Just trying to justify! BOTTOM LINE... GREAT CIGAR HOLDER.
I love this little gadget.
Great holder for the golf course or anyplace where you're on the go and need someplace to rest your cigar for a few minutes.
Great to have. I bought one to have at work and I keep the other at home. The clips are joined with a hex screw. The clips are not tightly fastened to each other and cannot be tightened any further. It is a strong device, but be warned, the clips swivel very freely. I used a simple remedy to keep them tight so they would not swivel...I wrapped a rubber-band around the connection point in-between the clips to give it tension. Worked like a charm. Without that, I could not rest the clip like a cigar stand on a table with a cigar in it without the clip that was holding the cigar from falling over. Hanging the clip would not be an issue, just resting it would present one if you wanted to rest it without my rubber-band method. I've had both of mine for months without issue. The grip end has a very strong tension-spring to help it grasp-and-clamp to many things. The cigar clip end has a soft-tension spring that will not cause damage your cigars. I highly recommend this product.
It's decent for the price I picked it up for. Perhaps slightly to strong of spring on cigar side. Can't wait to use this clip when golfing, feel like that's where it will really shine. Hate picking up a lovely smoke off the dirty cart floor.
Wonderful cigar accessory! Works fantastic. Very high quality. I'm ordering 2 more!
This is the perfect cigar holder for my golf bag while on the course smoking with the boys.
I smoke a cigar every time I play golf. This is by far the best clip I've used. Much better than the plastic ones that always break. Great product and worth every dime that C.I. charges (which isn't that many dimes b.t.w.)
Great device for holding my cigar while I play golf!!!
Indeed, an excellent purchase! Totally pleased with the item! Suites my purpose exactly!
I was a little skeptical at first. But this thing works and works well. The tension on the cigar clip is just enough to hold the cigar with out damaging the wrapper. I like this thing a lot.